4,540.00 kr inkl. MVA

Enhet med 4 brytere med mulighet for å lese inn beskjeder.

  • Activation Type: Pressure
  • Activation Surface Size: Small (less than 6.35-cm)
  • Recording Time: 6-min
  • Number of Message Locations: 4
  • Weight: 658-g

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The easiest way to provide an individual with four side-by-side communication choices is with the iTalk4 speech device. Activate the colored top to play the desired message. New messages are easily and quickly recorded to the iTalk2 on the fly, or use the levels pre-record up to three sets of messages ahead of time.

Common Uses

  • Provide a unique response to a question like «What is the weather like outside?»
  • Respond to an assessment
  • Provide a way to make unique requests like «I need help», «I’m done», «I need to use the bathroom», and «I’m thirsty»
  • Add communication to a switch controlled toy or appliance


  • Better than ever digital sound output suitable for almost any environment
  • Clear snap cover to attach picture symbols and provide communication context to the user